European kids athletics games

PřihApplications for EKAG 2017 break records !!lášky na EKAG 2017 lámou rekordy!!

Registration for EKAG 2017 is closed. Despite some restriction, the application number are huge again. The final amout is now over 1800 participants. This astronomicaly huge number is testifies to big popularity and great organisation of out meeting. Many new sport clubs added. The popularity of this meeting is spreading abroad and because of that there will be 15 countries of Europe taking part. For example, from Lithuania, 10 athletic clubs will arrive. Totaly there will, in Brno, be 112 athletic clubs and organisations.

Organizers going to be very busy from 10. till 16. September. Right after the EKAG ends, we host the best european U20 teams, group A in Europeanchampion club cup. Over 500 great european athletes will arrive to Brno for competition. Preparation is getting started and our summer holidays will be working.

Minister of sports, chairman of South-moravien district and representatives of EAA promised to come to the opening ceremony.