European kids athletics games

The registrations for EKAG 2018 are literally breaking records!

Yesterday were closed preregistrations for already 13th year of the biggest international kids competition in Europe and summarizing of registered children made me sweat a bit honestly, because I managed to count altogether almost 1850 children from 112 clubs coming from record-breaking sixteen countries from all over the Europe!!! It means almost 2500 participants (including guidance) in total. Let’s imagine how many starts is going to run through! I am quite sure that all of us, organisers, will have a really tough time considering, that the amount of starts is supposed to reach 6000 in total!!!

Only for a concept, the organisers of European Youth Championship, which is taking place in Hungarian Györ this week present to have 1063 registered athletes from all over the Europe. Obviously, our competition, with its nickname “Unofficial European Kids Championship” is not considered to be the biggest competition in Europe for nothing.